Concerto Access – Your Professional Responsibilities

You are responsible for :

  •  Keeping your user name and password details secure; do not share these with anyone else.
  •  If you believe your password details have been shared inform your manager as soon as possible.
  •  Follow your organisational policies and procedures when accessing and managing resident information.

Your organisation is responsible for

  • Informing NDHB /Alliance Shared Care helpdesk to cancel your access if you leave the organisation or no longer require access as part of your job role.

Whose information can I access?

  • Any permanent / respite resident your organisation is caring for and have a valid reason to access their information. There is usually a signed consent form allowing you to access relevant clinical information held in the resident file.
  • A booked admission with a confirmed admission date; can be used as part of the normal admission process. If in doubt seek permission before accessing information and ensure this permission has been clearly documented.
  • Village residents – Only with valid reason AND with permission of the client /resident; ensure this permission has been clearly documented.
  • Refer to your organisations policies/processes around privacy of information

Use Professional judgment when reviewing information

  • Be aware that some information held in Concerto may no longer be clinically relevant to the resident’s current health or abilities.
  • From time to time you may see information recorded on Admission notes or discharge summaries that raises questions or concerns for you or your team.
  • Some Examples:

o DHB staff have recorded that a family member is not happy about transfer to hospital or about care provided at the facility.

o DHB Staff have indicated that they did not receive enough information around reasons for transfer or feel transfer was inappropriate.

o If any of these situations arise please seek the support/guidance of your manager/clinical manager

  • Do not access information before accepting residents for admission. If you have concerns about a client’s placement needs then this could be discussed with prospective resident /EPOA or NASC (if appropriate)

DHB Concerto Audit Process

  • The DHB preforms random Audits on user access on a regular basis. If you are found to have used Concerto for unauthorised access the following may occur.
    •  Access maybe withdrawn and you may face disciplinary action within your organisation; the NZ Nursing Council may be informed as part of this process.
    •  A breach of privacy may also be subject to NZ law and you may face prosecution under the relevant legislation; Privacy Act

Nursing Council of New Zealand: Code of Conduct & Professional Boundaries

This document can be downloaded here:

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your Facility/Clinical Manager

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