Opening the Full Shared Care Programme Overview Page to Access Care Plans and Secure Messaging


Launching  the Full Shared Care Programme and Secure Messaging

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  • Select the NSCCP Icon from the top right hand Concerto menu.




“Breaking the Glass” – Security Challenge Screen


If you are not in the patient’s care team you will see the screen below. You can choose “one-off” access or select “Join Care Team” if you’ve been requested by the patient or Care Team to join the team.

· Select either ‘Join Care Team’ or ‘One-off access’, choose an option in the drop down “Reason for Access” box and then click “Access Record



Shared Care Overview Screen

  • The Patient Overview Screen is then displayed.  On the left is the menu. You will see an overview of what prescriptions,current diagnoses, care team members, messages and plans/programmes are in held for the patient.




Using Secure Messaging- see next section

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